What Is The Best Game At Prototype Escape Games?

Prototype Escape Games is a small, independently owned escape room in Jacksonville, Florida. More specifically, we are located on the corner of Beach Blvd. and St. Johns Bluff Rd. S next to Si Senor and Johnny Angels Diner. Prototype is full of homemade non-linear escape rooms built by Joseph W. Brazfield. The games at Prototype Escape Games are generally more challenging than your average escape room because they’re non-linear, and nothing is purchased. Most escape room entrepreneurs will buy their games. This means you get many of the same puzzles and props seen time and time again at other facilities throughout the world.

There’s a reason you see the same themes done over and over: Wild West, Prison Break, Egypt, Pandemic ( I think we’re all sick of this one). All of these themes are easily purchased through online retailers and builders. Freelance prop builders know that these are popular themes, so they build props (or entire modular rooms) to fit them. A savvy entrepreneur then comes along and can easily purchase everything he/she needs to compile a game – just plug n play!

But when you build a game like Dog Days or Locker Room, you can’t get props for these games as easily. So you must make it! Creating a game from scratch means more money spent, more skill needed, more time dedicated, and time is money! Each game at Prototype Escape Games took around 4-6 months of working every single day to complete. It was no easy task, but which one is the best room?

Blackout Escape Room At Prototype Escape Games

Blackout Escape Room At Prototype Escape Games in Jacksonville, Florida


Blackout is a PG-13 rated escape room. The game is recommended for older crowds due to adult content. We allow children to play this game as long as they are accompanied by an adult or guardian. Blackout is a relatively challenging room that is full of surprises. It is also the first room that I have ever built. When I constructed Blackout, I had no idea what I was doing. I learned as I went, and in the end, I think it is one of the best games I have. But for very different reasons than the other two at the time of this writing.

Blackout is a game for:

  • Bachelor Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Young adults that enjoy nightlife
  • People who want a fun, but beatable room
Game Poster For Locker Room Game

Locker Room At Prototype Escape Games In Jacksonville, Florida

Locker Room

Locker Room is the second game I ever built. Locker Room is an oversized room for large groups of people. The game revolves around a tyrannical American football GM who wants to move his team to a European Capital. The players must infiltrate the locker room and break into his office to find out where he plans to move the team and get the proof.

Locker Room is a decorative game with lots of tech and lighting. The game itself puts on a show and encourages player participation in ways not seen in other escape rooms. Locker Room is the hardest game at Prototype Escape Games, boasting a 10/10 difficulty rating. However, if you are good with numbers, you will find this game to be easier than your numerically challenged counterparts.

Locker Room is a game for:

  • Men and Women that enjoy sports
  • Escape Room Enthusiasts
  • People who want a challenge
  • Sports teams looking for a teambuilding event
Dog days game poster at Prototype Escape Games

Dog Days at Prototype Escape Games in Jacksonville, Florida

Dog Days

Dog Days is the third installment at Prototype Escape Games. At first glance, this room looks like a child-friendly kiddie game. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. While many children will enjoy Dog Days over the other two games, it can be too scary for young children. Since its inception, Dog Days has become the fan favorite at Prototype Escape Games.

Dog Days has a 5-act narrative. An excellent way to explain what a 5-act narrative is would be to highlight the king of narrative, M. Night Shyamalan. Every movie M. Night produces has what is known as a “turn.” Think about the Sixth Sense; remember the turn? The point in the film when you learn that Bruce Willis is dead and has been dead the entire time! I would say, “Spoiler Alert,” but this movie is like 20 years old… c’mon, don’t act like you were going to watch it tonight, and now I’ve ruined it.

The “turn” in Dog Days is what makes it so special. Dog Days is a piece of art that everyone who loves escape rooms would be remiss to skip out on. In my opinion, this game is the best game at Prototype and the one I am most proud of. Dog Days requires tremendous teamwork, so it is great for groups looking for team-building activities in Jacksonville. Your ability to communicate and work together will be put to the test.

Dog Days is a game for:

  • Families with children older than 10 years old
  • Teambuilding events
  • Dog lovers
  • Story snobs who love a good plot
Prototype Escape Games Infographic For Games

Infographic For Games at Prototype Escape Games in Jacksonville, Florida


This article highlights my opinion on the games at Prototype Escape Games. In this article, I break down every game that currently resides at the escape room and who the games are made for. In my opinion, Dog Days is the best game at our facility. If you asked Jenna her opinion, she would tell you Blackout is our best game. If you asked Haley for her opinion, she would say Locker Room is our best game. You will get a different answer depending on who you ask.

Dog Days is the perfect combination of puzzles and theatrics.

Blackout is an easier game of puzzles and theatrics, but is still harder than other games in Jacksonville.

Locker Room is great for enthusiasts who play many games due to the complexity, difficulty, and number of puzzles in the room.

No matter who you are, Prototype Escape Games has an escape room for you. Make a reservation with us online or call us to purchase a gift card for friends and family this Christmas.

Photo of Prototype Escape Games Owner

Joseph W. Brazfield, Owner
Prototype Escape Games
Jacksonville, FL