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12 09, 2020

Preventative Steps Forms of Covid19


Purchased or installed measures The prototype uses germicidal UV lights as part of our COVID19 preventative measures to kill the virus. These UV lights are used overnight in each area ...

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12 09, 2020

Escape Rooms What you need to learn


Escape Rooms – What You Need to Know   This is growing rapidly and without surprise, the market is booming and getting stronger than ever since the first escape room was opened ...

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12 09, 2020

Basics of Escape Room Survival Guide


An escape room is a live-action, theme-based game where players are required to find clues, decipher puzzles, and complete one objective after another to escape from the room or achieve ...

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15 08, 2018

Beginners’ Escape Room Tips


Escape room tips are hard to come by! Owners are very tight-lipped about solving escape room puzzles. However, if you are reading this, it means that a friend, relative, or ...

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