Escape rooms are popular. When anything gets popular, big corporations like to get their hands in the action and end up destroying the hobby. Today, we see this happening in real time with escape games. Big Corporations learned they could invest a small amount of money, and people would play in these empty rooms without tech, lighting, automation, or ingenuity. The games are always broken or not reset correctly, and the worst part is the place had a 5-star rating on Google. What went wrong?

If you’ve played enough escape rooms, then you know that some rooms are made with a lot of heart and soul, and others are made with cheap materials, OR they’re made by people who don’t understand the gaming industry. I’ve played cheap rooms and “flashy” rooms that people made with big budgets, but those same people didn’t know how to build an actual GAME.

Most escape room centers have great rooms and not-so-great rooms. What If you play one of their not-so-great rooms, and then you think all of their rooms are like that? Then you miss out on the great room they do have.

Most escape room players today have played 0-3 games. That means that most of your Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor reviews are written by individuals with little to nothing to compare their experiences to. And unless they specified which game they played, it’s even harder to determine if that review is reputable. This is a problem.

What if there was a way to find the best escape ROOM, not the best escape room CENTER? – A way to know, wherever you are, what the best game in that area is and what makes it great?

What is Morty?

Morty is an escape room app for iOS and Android.

Morty helps you track the rooms you’ve played and rate them with a LOVE, LIKE, or DISLIKE. Those ratings are pooled, and Morty ranks the escape rooms by community score so that you can find the best escape rooms in any area.

Jacksonville on Morty

Search any area using the map to find all of the escape room centers in the area. Search by city or “current location” to find escape rooms near you.

Games ranked by community score

Sort your results by “Distance,” “Community Score,” or “My rating.” This view is ranked by “community score.”

Reviews on Morty are more comprehensive

On Morty, you can choose to leave a review, or you can mark the game as played and rank it with a love, like, or dislike. If you choose to leave a review, you can make it public or private. If you make the review public, Your experience level will show under your username.

You can rate Customer service, atmosphere, puzzles, whether or not it was scary or used live actors, etc.

overview of Cannibals in the Catacombs on Morty

View of Cannibals in the Catacombs on Morty. At the time of this writing, 24 players have marked it as “played,” and eight have written reviews. The game is currently rated “Very Positive.”

Morty Review of Cannibals in the Catacombs

All public reviews on Morty show the experience level of the person who wrote it. Anecdotes about specific aspects of the game are reviewed independently.


There is finally a way to find the best rooms in your area: Morty. Now you can track the games you’ve played, search for games you haven’t, and find the best ones to visit.

Download Morty today!

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