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Prototype Escape Games in Jacksonville, FL

Prototype Escape Games - Escape Games in Jacksonville

About Prototype Escape Games

Prototype Escape Games was founded in 2019 with one objective in mind: Become the model to which other escape rooms will be built upon. In other words, be the Prototype. To accomplish this task, you must be something worth emulating.

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Prototype Escape Games - Escape Games in Jacksonville



Blackout Prototype Escape Games - Best Escape Games in Jacksonville


2-8 Players Escape Room

You have a new tattoo, there’s a tiger in the bathroom, and who left a baby in the closet?

Locker Room


2-12 Players Escape Room

Save the Duval Panthers from the grips of their tyrannical GM, Com Toughlin and uncover the proof that the team is moving to Europe!

Prototype Escape Games - Escape Games in Jacksonville


4-8 Players Escape Room

Play as a pack of puppies and evade the dog catcher!



2-8 Players Escape Room

You’re late to his party… he isn’t too happy about that.

Coming soon



Some games are larger than others. We have games that can accommodate most group sizes!


100% Private Games. You will never play with strangers.


At Prototype, We will never lock you inside a room. You will never be handcuffed, blindfolded, or bound in any way.


I was lucky enough to be among the first to try prototype’s premier room Blackout. I have done nearly 100 escape rooms personally and my group together has done over 200 unique rooms. Blackout ranks among some of the best we have done. Without giving too much away I can say that for a room with many technological aspects, nothing went wrong or malfunctioned in any way. The scenery was solid and the gameplay flowed well from beginning to end. This was true when I played the game in its infancy and I have heard it has only grown better since. Among non-franchise escape rooms, prototype may have peers in Orlando or Melbourne but at this rate it is certainly set up to be the best in Jacksonville! Super nice owner who is passionate and cares deeply about customer feedback. Looking forward to playing with them again!

Jeremy K., Google

Prototype is unlike any other escape room in Jacksonville! The level of immersion is unmatched, and the rooms are so fun with well-crafted games. The staff is so friendly, and it’s very clear their main goal is to give their customers the best experience possible!

Jayme H., Google

I’ve been to many rooms throughout Jacksonville and surrounding cities (between 15 and 25, I’ve lost count), and this is one of the best setups I’ve seen in a while. Great puzzles, amazing rooms, and lots of fun! Can’t wait for the other rooms to open.

Jessica G., Google

Probably the most fun I’ve had!! My friends and I came here on our prom night and it was amazing! The owner was SO friendly and hilarious, he greeted us like we were long-time friends. I highly recommend coming here, if I could rate this place higher I would!!!

Sophia H., Google

The owners, Joe and Patric, were wonderful! As our game master, Joe was helpful and gave clues when we asked for them. The theme/storyline was especially cool. The rooms are based on interesting narratives. I can not say enough awesome things about our experience here!! Awesome birthday celebration for Lauren!

Stephanie N., Google

TLDR: This place is the best escape game around!!! I don’t ever write reviews but I just had to share how incredible this was. Seriously. It’s just better.

Such an amazing experience!!! For pretty much the same price as other places nearby, you can get a much better experience at prototype. It’s a small, independent business and you can tell right away how passionate the owners/operators are about their work. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the owner and co-owner who briefly explained to us with a smile how everything works, and what makes this place different. We then watched a video on our specific room scenario before being led to the room itself. The room itself is definitely the best one I’ve ever done. Some places just use 10 different padlocks and make you find a code for each one. Not here. Our room made use of magnetic locks, voice activated puzzles, position sensitive object placement, balloons, word locks, keypad, computers, and more!!! It really was insane.

John M., Google

I’ve done about 30 rooms and Prototype blew my expectations out of the water. Many of the rooms we’ve done have the same type of locks and puzzles but both rooms here had puzzles that we’ve never dealt with before which challenged us. And there were definitely more puzzles than locks which forces you to work with your team to figure it out.
The owner is super personable and is always looking for ways to improve his rooms. Joe was our game master for Blackout and was very intuitive as to how to give us a hint when needed but never fully gives anything away. We had so much fun with Blackout we ended up doing Locker Room later in the day. Patric was a very enthusiastic, eccentric game master and perfect for for the role he played in locker room. Both of them have such great personalities which in this line of work you really need for people to want to come back. We can’t wait till more games open up here! 10/10 highly recommend you will not be disappointed!!

Brittany H., Google