Them: An escape game is a themed room full of puzzles that must be completed within a set allotted time window. The goal is to complete the puzzles as quickly as possible, often with people you’ve never met before, and escape the room before the timer is up.

Prototype: An escape game at Prototype is more than an “escape room.” It is a fully immersive experience. We utilize live actors, technology, and storytelling to transform you and your friends into puppies or aliens. We then provide you with a series of tasks to complete. At Prototype, you don’t try to escape a room; you fight to save your own life, planet, sports team, or even your mother. The stakes at Prototype are higher than getting out of a room in 60 minutes. We bring escape rooms to a different level.

We have four games to choose from at Prototype: Dog Days, Crash Landing, Locker Room, & Blackout.
Please note, “Blackout” is an 18+ game. You must be 18 years old to play or be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All other games at Prototype are ALL AGES.

We are located near the Saint John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, FL. Our address is 3546 Saint Johns Bluff Rd S Unit #113, Jacksonville, FL, 32224

All games at Prototype are All Ages, except for Blackout. Blackout is rated PG-13 due to adult content. Bookings for Blackout will be followed up by a phone call to confirm the selection and to notify the customer of the content.

A typical experience lasts between 60-90minutes.

Each game can accommodate different group sizes. Some games can hold 8 players, while others can hold 12+. Check the details for each game for a more specific answer, or give us a call at 904-240-4448.

At Prototype, you will never be locked inside a room. You will never be handcuffed, blindfolded, or trapped. Ever.

Your objective is never to get out of the room. Think of rooms at Prototype like a video game at home – You can turn off the Xbox and walk away, but that won’t help you beat the game.

Our staff is made up of actors and actresses. Your experience will include a live actor/actress in some capacity.

Most escape rooms give you a series of puzzles to complete in 60-90 minutes. The ultimate goal in most places is to escape the room. The mission at Prototype is NEVER to escape the room. We give you objectives to complete within the room that leads up to an ultimate task. You can think of this as a video game, and each level brings you closer to fighting the boss at the end.

In addition to this, we utilize live actors to enhance your experience.

Prototype Escape Games is Jacksonville’s second and only other independently owned escape room. Everything at Prototype comes from the mind of our owner, Joseph W. Brazfield, who wanted to bring the escape game experience of Hollywood, CA, to Jacksonville. We have one location: Duval.

We put a lot of time and work into our games, and for this reason, we ask that you lock your phone in one of our secure lockers before entering the room. You will always have the key to the locker, and our staff will not be able to open it when you are playing. We do this as a precaution to protect our games’ integrity and to ensure you have to interact with each other and work together to complete the room the way it was designed. No calculators or flashlights unless we have placed them within the room for you to use.

Every game at Prototype is a private experience. You will only play with the people you bring and our live actors.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us today for more information about our unique escape games experience.



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Prototype Escape Games - Escape Games in Jacksonville


Prototype Escape Games - Escape Games in Jacksonville


Prototype Escape Games - Escape Games in Jacksonville