What Is An Escape Room?

In a standard escape room, you will be placed inside a room that has been decorated to look like a Hollywood set. There is usually a countdown clock on the wall that is counting down from 60. The object of the game is to solve all of the puzzles as quickly as possible, to escape the room before time runs out.

Types Of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms differ from place to place. The two main differences in “puzzle-flow” are linear vs. non-linear.


A linear game is exactly what it sounds like – linear. You will locate the first puzzle, solve it, and receive the tools or information needed to solve the second puzzle – so on and so forth. In a linear game, it is usually recommended to attack each individual puzzle together as a team.


Non-linear games are more chaotic and generally harder than linear games. In a non-linear room, multiple things can be solved AT THE SAME TIME. This can be difficult for new players to navigate as you’ll need to figure out what is needed and not needed and when you’ll need it. Sound confusing? It can be.

Attacking a non-linear room is very different than you’d play a linear room. In a linear room, you can locate the first puzzle, and then you’re basically done. Play the game from start to finish from that point. In a non-linear room, everyone in the group will be working on different puzzles simultaneously. The end-point will be the same, but where you begin is entirely up to you.

You should always ask your game master if a game is linear or non-linear – it is the most important question. The answer will let you know if you’ll be playing the room straight through or if you can expect to jump back n forth between rooms and between puzzles. The answer to this question will also let you know if your team should split up or stay together.

Rooms At Prototype Escape Games

Prototype Escape Games has the most non-linear escape rooms in Jacksonville, Florida. Prototype also doesn’t have countdown clocks or locked doors. We like to say that we’re an escape GAME, not an escape ROOM. You can think of our games as video games; each room has a different objective that you need to complete within the room itself. The goal is never to escape a locked room.

Come on out and give it a shot!