The Only Horror Escape Room in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, is home to many escape room companies: EscapologyThe Escape GameBreakout Games, and Mind Bender. But when it comes to the scariest escape room in Jacksonville, there’s only one choice: Prototype Escape Games. Jacksonville has been waiting for a horror escape room for years, and nobody has delivered the goods. There are plenty of family-friendly rooms – Locker Room and Dog Days, to name a couple. But if you’re looking for a severe, heart-pounding, exhilarating experience, there’s one escape room that is sure to be the scariest escape room experience you’ve ever had: Cannibals in the Catacombs.

Cannibals in the Catacombs

Game Poster for Cannibals In The Catacombs Prototype Escape Games Jackonville, Florida

Cannibals in the Catacombs is the only horror escape room within Jacksonville city limits. It is located at Prototype Escape Games on the corner of Beach Blvd. & St. Johns Bluff Rd. S. Cannibals in the Catacombs is half a haunted house and half an escape room with scare actors inside the game. The actors can touch you, and the game features electrical shocks and isolation. Did we mention there’s a lengthy waiver, stringent consent policies, and an age restriction?

Guests who wish to participate in the most extreme escape room in Jacksonville will have to sign a waiver, give verbal video-recorded consent before their game, show an ID for proof of age, and be given a safe word in case they wish to quit the experience halfway. At the time of this writing, Cannibals in the Catacombs has claimed 54 players who quit the game early.

How does Cannibals in the Catacombs rank among other escape rooms in Jacksonville?

Morty is an escape room rating app on iOS and Android that you can use to track and rate the escape rooms you’ve played. It’s considered the gold standard among escape room enthusiasts to find the top escape rooms in any geographical area. Prototype Escape Games has three games in the top 5 at the time of this writing. Cannibals in the Catacombs has the best ratio by a considerable margin (Look at the red circle. Red = hearts, Yellow = Thumbs up, Blue = thumbs down)

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If you’re looking for things to do in Jacksonville, Florida, for Halloween this 2023 season, Give Cannibals in the Catacombs at Prototype Escape Games a shot. This game will impress Haunted house lovers as well as escape room enthusiasts.