November In Jacksonville, Florida

Things to do

Jacksonville, Florida weather in November is chilly. It is the beginning of our abridged cold season that runs through February. The hoodies get dusted off and put to good use for only a couple months per year. During this time, you can enjoy the beaches without massive crowds of people or stroll down our Riverwalk and admire the bridges. Even if you opt to spend more time indoors, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this part of Florida. Let’s go through some of your options when visiting the first coast:


Most breweries in the city are concentrated in the downtown area of Jacksonville. Among the most popular are:

A trip to either of these locations is sure to result in memories made… or lost. If you’re in town for a Jaguars game, then Intuition Ale Works is also a great option and is located very close to the stadium.

If you’re staying in the Southside/Baymeadows side of town (which is one of the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville IMO), then look no further than:

Wherever you choose to enjoy a pint with friends, Jacksonville has you covered.

Movie Theaters

If you’re opting to spend your chilly evenings indoors instead of outside, why not catch a movie? Jacksonville has you covered with Cinemark in Tinseltown – My favorite place to watch a film. Cinemark has recliner seating in all of their theaters, or you can pay a little extra for their DBOX seats featuring speakers embedded inside the chair itself.


Jacksonville has a myriad of venues featuring bands, stand-up comedy, and musicals. For a list of events, check out these venues:

Speaking of the TIAA Bank arena… there’s something else you can do in Jacksonville!

NFL football game

TIAA Bank arena is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you’ve never attended an NFL game before, why not watch Jaxon Deville bungee jump from the stadium lights? November is smack dab in the middle of the season, so if you’re spending a weekend here, an NFL game can be a possibility, assuming there’s a home game the weekend you’re here.

Escape Rooms

Lastly, Why not spend an hour playing in an escape room? An escape room is a 60-minute adventure that places you and your friends and/or family inside a Hollywood movie. You’ll be given an objective and let loose to solve puzzles as quickly as you can before time runs out. One of the best escape rooms in Jacksonville is located near the town center:

Prototype Escape Games in Jacksonville, Florida, is a small, independently owned establishment. All of their games are private, so you’ll never play with strangers and there’s a hometown feel to their games. If you’re looking for a unique experience to spend with friends and family, Prototype has you covered.

That wraps up my list for things to do this November! Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the city for all it has to offer!