3 Dog Things To Do In Jacksonville, Florida

Are you a dog lover?

Here are some fun things to do in Jacksonville if you love dogs!:

#1 Dog Days at Prototype Escape Games

Dog days game poster at Prototype Escape Games

Dog Days at Prototype Escape Games

We love dogs. That’s why we created an escape room centered around them. Dog Days by Prototype Escape Games transforms you and your team into a pack of orphaned puppies searching for your mom. This game is a must-do for dog lovers and escape room enthusiasts alike without giving too much away. The game is the latest and greatest at Prototype Escape Games and casts it’s a ballot as the best escape room in Jacksonville.

We have had several customers come in and state Dog Days is the best room they’ve ever played. People from all over are playing this new game and singing its praises.

#2 Kanine Social

logo for Kanine Social Jacksonville

Kanine Social, Jacksonville, FL

Kanine Social is a dog bar located in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL. What is a dog bar, you might ask? It is an off-leash dog park that serves beer essentially. Kanine Social has an indoor and outdoor park where you and your dog can run around under the close supervision of employees trained to keep things safe.

Kanine social has a fully stocked beer bar and offers non-alcoholic drinks like soda, water, and kombucha. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your dog in Jax, consider paying the folks at Kanine Social a visit.

#3 Brew Hound


Logo for Brewhound Neptune Beach, FL

Brewhound Neptune Beach, FL

Brewhound is a dog park bar in Neptune Beach, FL. Neptune Beach isn’t far from Jacksonville Beach, so if you have your pup with you and would like a beer, consider paying them a visit. Brewhound is 100% outdoors, but there’s plenty of shaded areas and even a water feature for the dogs to cool down in. Brewhound is ALWAYS full of other dogs and features segregated areas for big or small dogs. This location is full of “Rufferees” that prevent things from getting out of hand and will not hesitate to ban any aggressive dogs from the park. I always feel safe and secure while my dogs and I are visiting this location.