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NOTE: Please Review your booking details, as there will be NO refunds for any errors made during the booking process.

Please send the information below to everyone in your group.

Here are some quick things you need to know to plan for your trip:

1. Arrive 10-Minutes early, or you risk not playing a full 60-Minutes. Our Games start promptly. NO REFUNDS will be given to those who arrive late.

2. Please have all waivers completed by everyone 18+. (do NOT fill out every waiver for the group. Each person 18+ needs to complete and sign their OWN waiver. We will notice, and it’ll be awkward for everyone involved) They can be found at:

3. Arrive sober, or you will NOT be allowed into the game rooms, and you will NOT receive a refund. The game master reserves the right to refuse entry to the room or disqualify any players without explanation or refund. This rule is STRICTLY enforced – Please, do not test it.

Cannibals in the Catacombs Customers ONLY:

In addition to the list above:

1. Please wear flat, closed-toed shoes. HEELS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THIS GAME.

2. DO NOT play this game if you are claustrophobic or pregnant.

3. All minors under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian arrive on-site with them to sign waivers and give consent. Be prepared to show a photo ID.

4. Players 18+, please sign your waiver by clicking the appropriate link in the list above.

5. This game requires three people to play. The game CANNOT be modified to accommodate smaller groups. Please arrive with at least three people.

Thank you for choosing Prototype Escape Games!