Best Escape Rooms In central Florida

Top 3 must-do escape rooms in Central Florida


Central Florida is home to the top-rated escape rooms in the country. Orlando alone is known for its entertainment, which means that you need to be top-notch to survive the competition. This list is something to keep in mind when searching for escape room near me.

3. Escape Ventures in Orlando, FL – Bros For Life Fraternity Heist

Bros For Life escape room logo

Bros For Life at Escape Ventures in Orlando, FL is among our favorite games.

When you walk into Escape Ventures, the feel of the place is modern and quiet. A game master stands behind a desk and types away at a computer while they check you in. After some quick introductions, you are on your way.

The game master can really make or break an escape room experience. If they aren’t attentive, knowledgable, and personable, the quality of the room itself with fall short. When my team and I visited Escape Ventures, our game master had all of these qualities and a dry sense of humor that made us all laugh.

The room itself was amazing. As someone who builds rooms, I was delighted with the set they put together. The set materials were high quality with a good mix of tech and padlocks. The lighting was perfect and the gameplay was flawless. Bros for Life is a must-do for anyone in the Orlando area.

2. Exit Games in Clearwater, FL – Servants of Sleight

Servants Of Sleight Logo

Servants of Sleight in Clearwater, FL, has won several awards since its inception. This Game is ranked among the best escape rooms in the country, chosen by players and critics alike.

Exit games is hidden away in a residential neighborhood in Clearwater. The rows of houses open up to a small business complex, and in the back is Exit Games.

This hidden gem is easily one of the best escape room experiences you will ever have. The entire building appeared to be built from scratch with an escape room in mind. When you erect your own walls, you can make those walls any way you like. The owners of this escape room planned out every detail before they put their hammers to work. This kind of ingenuity allowed them to create a practically perfect game.

Servants of Sleight is a 90minute game based on a magic shop. There is plenty of tech and padlocks in this game. The puzzles were unusual and stood apart from anything we had ever encountered before.

If you visit the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area, you would be foolhardy to skip Exit Games. Add this to your itinerary without a second thought. Thank me later.

1. Dare 2 Escape in Orlando, FL – The Seventh Room

The Seventh Room Logo

In Orlando, FL, The Seventh Room boasts it is “Central Florida’s scariest escape game.”

Dare 2 Escape is owned by Sean, who I have not met personally but have spoken to over the phone. He booked my team and me for 3 games, and the experience was incredible.

Hunter, our game master for the day, greeted us promptly, who had experience playing 100+ rooms. He was a talented conversationalist and made us feel welcomed. The thing I loved about the way Sean runs his business, intentional or not, was that Hunter remained with us for the duration of our visit. This allowed us to build rapport with our game master and enhance the stay.

The three games we played that day were Video Store, Ringmaster, and the Seventh Room.

At the time of this writing, I have played 63 escape rooms in my Life ranging from California to Florida. The seventh room is my favorite, but I have a bias. I love Horror movies and have loved them since I was a child. James Wan, the director of the Conjuring universe, is my favorite horror director. If you love James Wan, you MUST play The Seventh Room. If you don’t care about James Wan but still love scary escape rooms, you must visit Dare 2 Escape in Orlando. Book The Seventh Room, and you will be playing what I believe to be the best escape room in Florida.

This concludes my list of the top 3 escape rooms in central Florida. If you are ever visiting Jacksonville or the surrounding area, check my Jacksonville list here. Be sure to pay us a visit at Prototype Escape Games in Jacksonville, FL, where you can enjoy 60-minute private escape rooms and hang out with us! We hope to see you soon, and enjoy your visit to central Florida!

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